Natural remedies

Natural remedies or herbal remedies have been practiced for thousands of years in Ayurvedic (Indian), Chinese, naturopathic medicines, by certified herbalists and doctors. Today natural remedies are also practiced by many individuals safely at home. All natural remedies are derived from plants or herbs.

Also many homeopathic remedies are derived from plants as well.

Natural remedies can be taken daily as a preventive measure, to treat illness or to bring harmony and balance to the whole body.

While some natural remedies are prepared easily at home with common, well known and easily recognizable plants and herbs, some require specialist assistance such as knowledgeable herbalist or an experienced health practitioner. Especially if the plant or herb is unknown, during pregnancy, or if medications are taken on regular basis.

It is always advisable, to consult a licensed herbalist or a practitioner before the use of unknown herbs and / or herbal remedies use, to avoid possible side effects.