Use Alfalfa Sprouts to boost Your Nutritional Health

This natural and powerful herb Alfalfa (Medicago sativa), is considered as the king of all sprouts.

Traditional Use

Alfalfa sprouts are used as a great appetite stimulant, to treat anorexia, as an estrogenic and as a nutritive supplement.

Alfalfa is so powerful because of the process of sprouting, where alfalfa produces essential nutrients important for your bone formation.

High quality of nutritional value: protein, calcium, copper, phosphorus, silicon, magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium, zinc, vitamin A, B, C, E, K, beta-carotene, phytoestrogens, chlorophyll, and amino-acids.

Key actions: anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and anti-fungal.

Alfalfa benefits

  • Menopause: Alfalfa contains estrogenic isoflavones, making it a very useful food during menopause (it does not inhibit the absorption of minerals such as calcium)
  • Useful for arthritic symptoms
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Balances blood sugar
  • Balances hormones and promotes pituitary gland function
  • It is proved useful in the prevention of steoporosis
  • Great for digestion
  • Good for constipation (alfalfa is rich in fiber and water)
  • Intestinal ulcers, gastritis, liver disorder
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Asthma
  • Improves lactation in nursing mothers
  • Used as an aid in gaining muscle mass
  • It wards off heart disease and strokes

Good to know:

  • Alfalfa is best taken fresh as sprout to provide all nutrients.
  • Because of the estrogenic effects alfalfa is not recommended for pregnant women or young children.

Alfalfa products

Alfalfa is available in form of herbal teas, liquid extract form, tablets, tinctures and it can be consumed raw as a fresh sprout.

Seed sprouts are a favorite salad ingredient. They can be also added in soups, or juiced and mixed with other juiced vegetables. Its leaf protein is used as a protein substitute in vegan diets.

Magical uses

It is believed that alfalfa kept at home will protect you from poverty and hunger.

Alfalfa key benefits

Unlike other fresh foods, when sprouted, alfalfa has an amazingly substantial increase in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and protein.

Alfalfa alkalizes and detoxifies the body.

Alfalfa is easy to digest, and it is very helpful if you have arthritis. As it contains chlorophyll and vitamin K, it is an excellent aid in detoxifying your body, especially the liver, and to cleanse bloodstream.

This sprout is also good for blood clotting, your colon, to balance your blood sugar and your hormones, and it is a great way to increase your appetite (good for people who suffer from anaemia).

Clearly this ancient alfalfa plant, inexpensive yet generously high in essential nutrients is something you simply can’t miss out on!

Please note: If you have a history of lupus, stay away from alfalfa sprouts. There are some claims that alfalfa may trigger lupus.