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How Did Maca Root Help Me Improve My Athletic Performance?

Many maca users report that Maca helps to improve athletic performance when taking Maca. It appears that where other supplements failed, maca root seemed to support the body in different scenarios effortlessly. There are many reasons how and why Maca can help bodybuilders, runners, cyclists, wellness, and gym enthusiasts combat fatigue and boost athletic performance….

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Can Maca Root Help with My Acne? Depends on Your Acne Type

It has not been proven or shown in any studies that maca is to blame for acne explosion or that maca is responsible for acne cure. But, there are different kinds of reports and claims on the Internet related to maca and acne. To some, maca does help to cure acne, and to some, it…

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Will Maca Cause Hair Loss or Hair Growth? My Experience

Maca Root for Hair Loss Every morning, when I look in a mirror, I pay particular attention to my male hairline because it started slowly declining as I aged. This has led me to educate myself about the hair loss issue, and here are some things I have learned about hair loss in women and…

Maca or Lepidium Meyenii for Men and Women

Maca Root Dictionary

Adaptogen An adaptogen is a safe substance and a powerful antioxidant found in natural herbs. The term adaptogen was created by Dr Nicolai Lazarev in 1947. The adaptogens have qualities to help the body adapt to stress, restore energy and nourish the body according to individual needs. In addition, adaptogens support the adrenal glands. This…

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Is Maca for Menopause Symptoms? You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

The maca root is known throughout history as a faithful women’s liberator when treating menopause symptoms. Historically, Peruvians used Maca both as food and as medicine. As a medicine, this root has been used, among others, to balance hormones and treat menopause.  The “You’ve come a long way” slogan might be familiar to you. It…

How To Grow Calla Lily Bulbs Indoors?

Calla lilies are tall, tubular flowers that bloom in white, yellows, pinks, purples, and reds. One can grow calla lily flowers both indoors and outdoors. These sensual and exotic flowers are easy to grow and care for, and you can have them in your home 12 months a year. At least my dad says so, and…