7 Effective Metabolism Boosters

Metabolism is the process of converting the food you intake into energy. Your body uses this energy or stores it as body fat. To avoid the storing fat process, ideally, there should be a balance with your calories, meaning the calories you intake should match the calories your burn.

There are a different kind of reasons why metabolism is not in order. One reason is hypothyroidism. As you might know, thyroid hormones regulate the metabolism in every cell of the body. If a person has hypothyroidism, which is having too little of the hormones, it can have a significant impact on the metabolism.

Other reasons could be an allergy to certain foods, overeating, unbalanced diet, stress, hormonal imbalance and so on. Here are herbs to help boost metabolism.

Metabolism Boosters

  • Siberian Ginseng.
    Siberian ginseng does not only enhances alertness and protect the body against stress, but it also increases metabolism.
  • Kelp.
    Kelp is a sea vegetable rich in iodine important for the maintenance of a healthy thyroid. Kelp also assists in making thyroid hormones, which are necessary to maintain a healthy metabolism.
  • Guarana.
    Guarana has a caffeine content similar to coffee, and it works by speeding up the metabolism. However, one needs to be careful when using guarana, because in high doses it may cause high blood pressure or stroke. Ideally, one should consult a doctor before deciding to use guarana for speeding up metabolism.
  • Cayenne Pepper.
    Cayenne pepper helps with digestion, it lowers blood cholesterol, and as a stimulant, it is often used in weight-loss programs. It contains a compound called capsaicin which is believed to raise the metabolic resting rate.
  • Green tea.
    Green tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for poor digestion, headache and general toxicity. It has also been discovered that green tea possess qualities such as aiding in the metabolism of fatty tissues.
  • Ginger.
    Ginger is a true digestive system friend. It is used in cases such as abdominal bloating, to increase blood circulation, or stimulate digestion. Ginger also aids in the metabolism of dietary nutrients.
  • Parsley tea.
    Parsley is rich in vitamin A, C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Parsley tea has diuretic properties, and it aids the adrenal and thyroid glands which help increase metabolism and reduce water weight.