Natural food cures acne

Acne is perhaps the most common, embarrassing chronic skin disease. It can be characterized by the presence of blackheads, pimples, scars or sebaceous cysts, giving a headache to many and it can be found on the face, neck, chest and shoulders.

Acne usually appears between the ages of 20 and 30. The main cause of acne is related to a hormonal imbalance. For example, women in perimenopause and menopause can have acne due to an imbalance in testosterone. Some have acne due to improper diet habits, such excess of fatty foods, or starch and sugar, and some have acne due to hormonal imbalance.

It has been noticed that new lesions always appear right before an important event. So no wonder that one other great cause that affects both men and women with acne is mental stress. When exposed to stress, a neuropeptide substance is released into both the skin and the brain. When released into the skin, this substance effects the growth of the glands in the skin, causing the glands to become inflamed. This results in clogged pores.

Causes of acne

  • Acne may result from an excessive fat intake
  • Sometime the condition of the liver could cause acne
  • Increased mental stress
  • Chronic constipation
  • Unhygienic living habits
  • Consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol or tobacco
  • Toxins
  • Disturbance of internal organs

Basically acne gives us a signal that something is not right with our internal system. It tells us that we have some problem on the inside of our body and that it needs attention. Luckily, nature has provided us with readily available natural solutions to treat acne.

For example, Tea tree oil is a topical antiseptic and it has active components that slow the growth of acne. When applying Green tea cream derived from the green tea leaf, acne can be healed. Calendula flowers can also be made into lotions, creams and tinctures, and they are very useful in a process of treating acne.

There are plenty of useful and safe herbal remedies in treating skin disorders such as acne or other skin infections. One just need to know what they are, where to buy them from, and how to use them.

However, it is good to point out that herbs do not affect everyone in the same way. While Tea tree oil might work for some, Calendula might be more appropriate for you. Which herb to use will depend on the person, individual medical history, current medications they are using and so on.