7 Best Essential Oils For Colds & Flu


Antiviral and antibacterial, this essential oil helps boost the immune system and is perfect for combating infections. You can even use it to make a natural hand sanitizer.


Peppermint oil just smells healthy! Not only is it great for digestion, but it’s also beneficial to the respiratory system. And you can make your own toothpaste with it!


Perfect for coughs, frankincense oil is said to be a natural remedy for the lungs. Use it in this DIY antiseptic spray, too, to protect wounds.


This antiseptic and antibacterial oil is often found in cough drops and ointments (if you’ve ever used VapoRub, you’ve smelled it). Eucalyptus essential oil stimulates the immune system and combats inflammation in the lungs. Use it to make your own steam inhalation remedy, great for healing sinus infections.


Hyssop helps with respiratory infections (like bronchitis) and supports the lungs. If you get chronic bronchitis or just have a pesky cough that won’t go away, try this one out. It’s also said to help with water retention and bruises.


When earaches or swelling in your lymph nodes have you feeling icky, rub a little lemon oil (with a carrier oil) around your ears and/or lymph nodes to allow them to drain. Lemon oil also helps energize, making it perfect for a DIY air freshener.


If nausea is what’s getting you down (that darn flu!), opt for ginger essential oil, which can also soothe flu-related aches and pains.