Have you ever tried frozen-banana ice-cream?

One Ingredient Ice-cream

This is a silky and creamy ice-cream made with just one ingredient, bananas. No additional dairy or sweeteners needed. And, with this desert you just cannot go wrong!

P.S. An excellent option if you have vegan, gluten-free, dairy-allergic or weight watcher friends coming over.

Ingredients: 5 ripe bananas (serves 3)

Peel the bananas cut them into small pieces and freeze them until solid (overnight, minimum two hr). Then, whizz the frozen bananas in a blender until it gets smooth and creamy. Voilà! It is ready to eat.

You can also make some experiments. If you want your ice-cream to taste just like vanilla ice-cream, add some vanilla. Or, to give it some punch, add some cacao powder. Top up with fresh seasonal berries or mint leaves.

P.S. We love chocolaty ice-cream (image above).