What is Castor? – Castor Oil

Castor is a seed plant. Castor seed is the carrier of castor oil which has been used for hundreds of years to boost healing.
Castor (Ricinus communis) has been used since biblical times in different ways by different cultures. While some used castor bean oil for warts, others used castor oil as a facial oil, to reduce inflammation, or for treating different health problems. For example, having only a few drops of castor oil in a little juice every morning on an empty stomach is beneficial for allergies in the intestinal tract, and it can also be excellent for the skin. Or, regular application of castor oil as a hair oil, can help the growth of the hair.
Nice to know: Castor is not a bean, rather its seed is the castor bean (not an actual bean).

Castor Oil Uses

Castor oil can be used as a pack to treat different problems. To make a castor oil pack, pour some oil onto a dry cloth and place the cloth on the painful area: lower back, abdomen or shoulder. Cover the fabric with some plastic covering and then put a heating pad on top. Keep it for about 20 minutes.

While some recommend castor oil only for external use, others believe castor oil will be an excellent super constipation remedy, and safe to use from time to time as a laxative.

Castor oil is used to activate the bowel movement. For an effective bowel elimination, add five drops of castor oil in your juice or glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach.