Turmeric – One magic spice in a simple dish does magic to taste buds

Turmeric Spice for Soups
Turmeric Spice

If you love using herbs in your cooking as much as I do, you must have noticed that by adding a single herb, or two, a dish can be transformed into a master chef delight. Saying that I also believe that every plant needs a unique spice and every herb needs a right “food buddy” to show off its benefits, be it, the flavor, or aroma.

Adding just any herb to a meal will not create that special magic effect. The particular herb must be the right one for a specific veggie or fruit. Otherwise, a dish might become overly seasoned and with no character.

So, on today’s menu, I have potatoes, one tomato, onions, long green beans and carrots. Salt and pepper (cayenne) is a must, a dash of dried rosemary and thyme feels right, but what comes next? What is the one spice that will transform this lovely vegetable soup into a delicious meal? The answer is simple. The herb name is Turmeric.

I love turmeric, especially when mixing it with kefir or plain yogurt as a healing remedy. Turmeric herb also likes to be mixed with plain yogurt and or kefir, and it feels very powerful. :) But, would turmeric love to be mixed with my simple vegetable soup?

Ok, so you remember the feeling when you were a kid and excitingly waiting to open a first Christmas presents? That is exactly how I felt while waiting for my guests’ facial expression when eating my food.

A first smile arrived. I can breathe now. Next, a comment, hmm, there is a spice in it, isn’t it? I thought, ups, I failed.

But after an agonizing 10 min of silence, a second plate was super clean, and guests and my family asked for more. Then, the conversation started: this soup tastes exquisite.

What a sense of relief. Now, I can finally relax and breath and share my ideas about my choice, why turmeric.

I have been using herbs in my cooking for the past two decades. The more I was using them, the more I was falling in love with the powerful effects they have on the food we prepare, our mind and body. Turmeric and I became friends a decade ago when reading about its healing properties. I had a digestion problem, and turmeric had a solution.

Turmeric is a natural anti-fungal herb, and it helps to counter the yeast overgrowth. When mixed with yogurt it will bring in the good bacteria for healthy intestinal flora. Exactly what I just needed!

So, by adding one magic herb, just enough to create that mysterious flavor, yet not recognized and not too overwhelming, a dish was transformed into a real delight. To read more about turmeric benefits, click here: 7 Turmeric Benefits You Should Know

Your turn, what is your magic spice that makes a difference to a simple dish?