Lemon Water – A Breath Of Fresh Health

Lemon water is one of those natural foods that is both tasty and healthy. Lemon has a pleasant taste and it is beneficial in preventing a different kind of diseases. You can eat lemon fruit, pulp, make pastries, make juices, prepare drinks, sorbets, cure yourself of various diseases, etc.

Lemon is very useful in all variants of bacterial infections and fungi and also efficient in treatments of cysts and tumors.

When it comes to lemon water, you can just use your imagination as to what way you can benefit from it. Lemon water can help you:

  • Lose weight with lemon water. Lemon is one of the most effective natural weight loss food ever.
  • If suffering from constipation try lemon water. All you need to do is mix 1 l of water with 1 lemon and drink it first thing in the morning. This will stimulate a bowel movement.
  • Detox your body from accumulated harmful toxins. Lemon is an excellent cleanser. How about 2-3 days fasting on lemon-water?
  • Help you rid off yeast overgrowth (although you might need to change diet if you want completely to get rid of yeast infection)
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  • Cleanse your intestines from bad bacteria
  • Treat your sore throat, mouth and tonsils
  • Cleanses your bad breath
  • Lemon has proved beneficial in removing pimples and acne.

Some helpful lemon water tips

Lemon Water Benefits

Want To Lose Weight?

Instead of purchasing expensive *non-effective weight loss products how about listening to your grandma and drinking LEMON WATER? Make this a daily life habit and a religious ritual as long as you live.

Every morning on an empty stomach, drink a squeezed lemon mixed in a glass of lukewarm water. DRINK IT, first thing in the morning and last in the evening. Drink this delicious mixture a few times a day. If you want you can add “a teaspoon of real honey” to your lemon water.

*The expensive non-effective weight loss products, they usually make you frequently visit your toilet, where you keep losing water and stool. Perhaps good to empty your intestines, but it does exhaust you in a long run and it can destroy your intestines and kill good bacteria. It does not help you lose fat or weight actually.

Having Bad Breath?

The acid content of the lemon will reduce the bacteria in your mouth. All you need to do is extract a whole lemon for its juice. Hold the juice in the mouth and gargle before swallowing.

Want to fast?

Fasting on distilled water mixed with fresh lemon juice is an excellent internal cleansing or a fasting solution where you empty your “pipes”, clear your skin, your mind and where all the accumulated troubled mucous residues. At the same time with this lemon water fasting, you will keep your blood sugar low (lemon is low-sugar fruit).

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