L- Carnitine And Its Fat Burning Effects

L – Carnitine is a trimethylated amino acid. This amino acid was discovered in 1905 where it was shown that L – carnitine is important in burning fat and providing energy to the body.

As a result, today this amino acid can be found in many diet products and weight loss supplements.

Red meat is found to be the richest dietary source of carnitine. Other food source of carnitine are: avocado, asparagus, breast milk, fish and tempeh.

Carnitine benefits

  • An excellent supplement for weight loss
  • Improves blood sugar control
  • Increases male fertility
  • Prevents apoptosis
  • Used in cardiovascular disease by reducing the frequency of angina attacks
  • Has a beneficial effect on bone mineralization
  • Great supplement for athletes, increases performance and recovery
  • AGING – Significantly improves total fat mass, lipid profile, especially in elderly people.
  • Act as an overall improvement in physical and mental fatigue

Please note: people with chronic liver disease or epilepsy should use it with caution.

Carnitine is essential for energy production, and is highly recommended for vegetarians.