Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea Health Benefits
Rhodiola Rosea Tea

Are you depressed, overly stressed or cannot focus at work? Many people are, in today’s hectic and demanding modern way of living.

All the above symptoms if not treated on time are causing more diseases, and in most cases, it becomes too late to cure them. According to research high-stress is probably the primary factor causing chronic disease and premature aging.

Rhodiola Rosea (Russian Rodiola, Golden Root) is one of the most popular traditional and most active adaptogenic plants in Eastern Europe and Asia. Rhodiola is known for preventing high altitude sickness and treating symptoms of intense physical and psychological stress. This plant became, in no time, a well known powerful anti-aging phyto supplement with adaptogenic and anti-stress activity. For a long time, this herb has been used even by astronauts, sports people, and politicians.

Rhodiola Rosea Benefits

This herbal supplement is used in Russia (best grown in Siberia) for decades to alleviate:

  • Daily anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Impotence

Rhodiola has also been the subject of many clinical studies because of its reputation for improving depression, enhancing work performance, eliminating fatigue and treating symptoms of asthenia after intense physical and psychological stress. Russian researchers claim this plant is a very useful as antidepressant, anticancer, central nervous system enhancer.

In a study of ten participants (ages 34-55) with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), Rhodiola was given to evaluate whether Rhodiola Rosea is effective in reducing symptoms of GAD. Individuals treated with Rhodiola showed significant improvements in GAD symptoms.

Other research demonstrated that biologically active substances especially salidroside and rosavin exhibit therapeutic effects in Rhodiola Rosea herb. These active components affect the central nervous system by increasing the ability to concentrate, mental and physical power. They also prevent the heart system from stress and arrhythmia and posses some antioxidant activity. Some data confirm that the Rhodiola Rosea L. preparations stop the growth of the malignant tumors and metastases in the liver.

Many recommend Rhodiola to enhance fertility in both men and women

It has been reported that Rhodiola has sexually stimulating effects, used to treat impotence and low libido. It is believed that Rhodiola reduces levels of stress that affect sex glands and glandular function.

The main active components responsible for the extraordinary potency of Rhodiola Rosea are ROSAVIN and SALIDROSIDE, critical to know when you are buying Rhodiola Rosea products!

You can buy Rhodiola Rosea in capsules, tablets as an extract or tea. However, if pregnant or breastfeeding, please do not take R. rose, rather consult your doctor first.

*Good to know:*Adaptogens unique value among others is that they expressly relieve stress.