I stumbled upon two shocking claims about food we buy from food shops

Nutritious food, so called healthy organic food or ready made food. Is it as healthy as they claim (producers) or not? Whom to trust and what to consume? The info provided gave me chills…

Food Inc.

One is an amazing DVD movie Food, Inc. directed by Robert Kenner where he exposes how few companies control our food supply. Surprisingly (or not) these companies care more about their yearly profit income than your health or mine. The truth about food we eat and how the food we eat is produced can be learned from this fascinating and eye opening DVD movie.

The Beautiful Truth

Another Documentary is The Beautiful Truth directed by Steve Kroscher where a direct link with diet and cancer is discussed. In this document, on a cross country road trip, a young 15 year old boy meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal what is the interest of the medical industry to dismiss the believe of alternative and natural cures.