Sports and Fitness Herbs

Even though many athletes have excellent fitness, they have poor health. One reason for that is poor nutrition. With proper nutrition, sports people will not only be in an excellent physical shape, but they will also improve mind and body harmony, thus being able to control their emotional, mental and spiritual state.

Daily exercise is essential to excellent health. For that, a balanced diet is important. With a balanced diet the body can achieve its true potential. In addition to a good, balanced diet, natural herbs are found to be additional body boosters often used to increase potentials in achieving sport and fitness excellence.

Herbs for Sports and Fitness

To maintain energy levels, herbs and herbal remedies do not only supply the body with necessary nutrients, but they can also prevent sport injuries. For example, pineapple contains a compound called bromelain that helps prevent inflammation. This is why it has been recommended to athletes. Here are few more herbs worth mentioning and good to have around.

  • Arnica ointment – used for muscle, joint and sports injuries such as bruising and sprains.
  • Rosemary – brings a feeling of comfort to aching muscles. Excellent for pulled muscles.
  • Comfrey – used for sprains, arches and pains.
  • Maca a super nutritious root from Peru that is used by many bodybuilders and athletes to increase endurance and to build muscles.
  • Spirulina is a queen of protein often used as an addition to energy boosters.