Healthy Elixir

Overall purpose of a healthy elixir is to reverse aging, promote health, promise lasting youth or to rejuvenate the body. The healthy elixir can be referred to anything, from a single herb, or a mixture of natural herbs carefully selected, to healthy habits such as breathing exercises.

While some use mystical herbal recipes as a possible healthy elixir for life, others are using a combination of daily healthy practices, herbs, and meditation habits or sound healing, which when combined and practiced together, result in a healthy elixir.

Different cultures use different types of traditional ‘healthy elixir secrets’ for maintaining health, vitality and longevity. For example in a Dr. OZ article Tibetan Health Secrets, he writes about fenugreek herb used by Tibetan monks and a variety of its medicinal benefits: balancing digestive disorder such as acid reflux, decreasing inflammation or to lower blood sugar levels. The ancient fenugreek herb can be also sprouted. Taken as sprouts, fenugreek becomes a valuable and nutritionally rich supplement. This herb has been used for thousands of years by Tibetan monks as a valuable herb.

The rest of the rather interesting Dr. Oz article can be found here: Tibetan Health Secrets where sound healing is mentioned as well as 5 Tibetan rites or exercises which can turn the aging process around. Here is a video demonstrated by Dr Oz about 5 Tibetan rites.

These five exercises which are yoga-based moves have been used by Tibetan monks as a secret of the ages or a Healthy Elixir For Life. They are designed to help you live longer and better, where results are noticed already in 30 days or less. And if you like the exercises here is the original book written by Peter Kelder: Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth