Thanksgiving Pumpkin – Low In Sugar, Treats Prostate Conditions

Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) is mainly associated with Halloween and as a Thanksgiving food used for preparing delicious recipes.

Pumpkin is native to Americas, where some people use it as a beautiful house decoration, some as a creative artistic tool and others love to use this delightful orange pumpkin fruit in a variety of dishes.

Pumpkin fruits can weigh between 3 to 12 kgs. The cream or orange fruit flesh is mainly used in pies. Pumpkin seeds are eaten raw like nuts, roasted or fried and salted. Many bakeries include kernels in breads or they are simply used in salads and breakfast cereals.

Pumpkin seeds & Nutrition

Pumpkin seeds and their cold pressed oil (up to 50% oil) have been found to be an effective home remedy for prostate problems, where ‘cucurbitin’ seems to be the active ingredient.

The pumpkin seeds oil contains around 80% unsaturated fatty acids of which 60% are linoleic acid. The fresh pumpkin seeds (kumra) being rich in zinc are useful in killing parasites found in intestines. They also contain 40% of protein and are a good source of a range of nutrients such as: vitamin E, K, B1, B2 and B3, vitamin A and minerals, phosphorous, copper, iron, calcium, zing, magnesium, and phytosterols.

Pumpkin Benefits

  • Pumpkin seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids (essential for the health of the prostate).
  • In general pumpkins are low in sugar and one of the most warming highest-potassium fruit.
  • The seeds of the ripe pumpkin when peeled and crushed are used as an infusion to kill parasites, especially tapeworms.
  • The fatty oil is antibacterial, diuretic, and anti-inflammatory.
  • Also used to treat urinary problems.

Pumpkin Recipe – Raw Delight

For all those who wish to benefit most from pumpkins in terms of its taste and healthy benefits, here is a nice, easy to prepare and a delicious Raw Pumpkin Guacamole recipe.

You will need: orange juice, pumpkin seeds (soaked 10 minutes), grated ginger, tomato and one avocado. First mash avocado and then add orange juice ¼, pumpkin seeds (1 cup) and grated ginger (½ tablespoon). When all is mixed well, add tomatoes. This recipe is to be made right before serving.

May You All Enjoy A Super Delicious Pumpkin Dishes And Healthy And Tasty Pumpkin Seeds!