Goji Juice

Goji Juice (Lucium Barbarum)

Goji berries contain essential amino acids and nutrients which will help you improve your overall well being. Among other benefits, Goji juice may:

  • Reduce fatigue and stress.
  • It can improve the regularity of the gastrointestinal function.
  • It supports positive mood.
  • It is good for eyes and sharp mind.

Himalayan and Chinese Goji berries and juice are being sold as health food products quite a lot lately in western countries. They have been praised as an anti-aging remedy and to be good for overall well being.

According to some research study, it was observed that GoChi increased antioxidant efficiencies in humans by stimulating endogenous factors. The studies also suggested that continued use beyond 30 days might help prevent or reduce free radical-related conditions.

In addition, in further research, results indicated that the daily consumption of GoChi for 14 days increases subjective feelings of general well-being, and improves neurological/psychological performance and gastrointestinal functions. However, the research data also strongly suggested that further research is needed to confirm and extend knowledge of the potential effects of Lycium barbarum on human health.

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