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Even though very effective, some Rhodiola Rosea products may have little or none biological activity. Reason for that is that not all products are real, they are not from Siberia, they have been harvested during the wrong season (fall is the best time to harvest) or the plant has been over dried or the raw materials have been used wrong when manufacturing.

Rhodiola Rosea in capsules, extract or tea form

Rhodiola products can be found in different forms, capsules, teas, or extracts. True potent Rhodiola rosea is water extracted and freeze dried.

Make sure when you buy your Rhodiola Rosea that there are especially two key ingredients present: Rosavin (at least 3%) and Salidroside (1%).

These two ingredients are the main active component of real Rhodiola that are responsible for the amazing potency of this plant.

Other key active components are rosarin and rosin. Make sure the one you buy online contains most of these components.

Rhodiola rosea extract

Taking Rhodiola rosea extract can make coping with stress much easier! Few studies were obtained on the central nervous system in mice when given R. rosea hydroalcoholic extract (containing 3% rosavin and 1% salidroside). The result showed that this R.rosea extract significantly induced antidepressant-like adaptogenic, anxiolytic-like and stimulating effects in mice.

Rhodiola – Sports nutrition supplements

As far as sports nutrition supplement, one of the best things Rhodiola does is it really enhances rather quickly mental and physical performance. That is why the Russian medicine has traditionally given Rhodiola rosea supplement to its cosmonauts, sportsmen as an effective anti-aging medicine. Russian Rhodiola helped them to improve cognitive functions and physical performance. Plus, this plant normalizes the heart rate immediately after intense exercise and it improves the nervous system and mental functions (such as memory, by increasing blood supply to the muscles and brain).

In sport – R. rosea supplement improves

Rhodiola Rosea Benefits
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  • Performance
  • Resistance to strain
  • Restoration of strength

In addition, R. rosea can be successfully taken by:

  • Drivers
  • Flight personnel
  • Traffic controllers
  • People engaged in work requiring increased attention

Studies indicate that Rhodiola has a low level of toxicity and there are no side effects reported.

Rhodiola Rosea As A Tea

Here is a recipe straight from Dr OZ website how can Rhodiola rosea benefit sexual health:

Research shows that Rhodiola rosea, when consumed as a tea or with light alcohol like vodka, can aid with erectile dysfunction and improve prostate function.

To make tea: Cut fine 5 grams of Rhodiola rosea roots. Pour the roots into a cup of boiling water and leave for (brew) at least four hours. Then filter. Drink one-fifth cup three to five times per day. You can also dilute Rhodiola rosea tea with juice, tonic, or other herbal teas.

To make vodka mix: Mill 30 grams of Rhodiola rosea roots in a coffee grinder, add 150 milliliters of vodka without aromatic additives, agitate, and steep three to five days at room temperature. Separate and filter the extract. Have a teaspoon and a half a day for about three weeks (preferably at night, especially if you’re operating heavy machinery).

Rhodiola Rosea Health Benefits
Rhodiola Rosea Tea