Apple Health Benefits

You may have been eating apples all your life but here is some information to change your attitude towards it. It turns out an apple a day is not just to keep your monstrous doctor away; it is much more than that!

What is quite surprising to know is the apple belonging to the family of Rose. Roses are red, and so is the apple! It belongs to deciduous trees where it grows as sweet fruit. Produced in different species, the commonly consumed one is the Malus. This apple is produced all over the world in trees.

Apple is among the most grown and consumed fruits in the entire world. The reason is its sweetness and wholeness. A red apple is so nutritional that is said to provide enough nutrition for a man to survive without consuming anything else.

Apple Health Benefits

An apple contains many nutritional elements, and there is only 218 kJ of energy per 100 g of apples. Other than that, an apple contains protein, dietary fibres, and sugar. It also contains traces of calcium and similar elements. Vitamins A, C, B1 B2, B6, K, E are also present in an apple. So what would be the effects of regular consumption of an apple? The effects include the health of your hair, skin, and nails. An Apple also provides a load of energy for you to take care of your routine activities.

Along with the commonly known nutrients; the apple contains some phytochemicals. These are found in the peel of the apple. It has yet not been discovered what role they play in the provision of nutrition, but according to statistics, and they may contain resistance towards diseases like cancer. Who knew a hand-sized Apple held this much power?

There are many benefits to consuming an apple regularly. The apple is good for different organs of the body. For once, your teeth are going to get healthy and white. With the consumption of apples, your saliva production is increased and therefore reduction of bacteria in the mouth.

The skin gets healthier due to the presence of vitamins in the apple. The hair and nails are also healthier when you consume apples regularly. The skin maintains its health and texture. You can resist skin diseases like warts, pimples, dryness and much more. The hair also gets shinier, thicker and stronger with consumption of apples.

How to use it?
An entire apple is to be consumed apart from the seeds. Though they are edible, they might not be well-suited for various people. Everyone loves this raw consumption. However, there are different ways to consume an apple. Some of the favorite ways to use an apple in consumption include Apple pies, apple crumble, apple crisp, apple cakes, toffee apple, candy apple, honey apple, apple ice cream, apple milkshake, apple-flavored iced tea, inclusion in desserts and much more.

There are a lot of desserts in which the apple is used as an additional sweetener. It can be sliced and placed underneath the topping off any dessert. One can assemble sliced apples, sponge and whipped cream to make one whole dessert. The different desserts which are mentioned above are all tasty and ready to be eaten soon. These dishes provide a sweet sensation in the mouth and make you enjoy healthy consumption! You don’t know what an apple is! Consume the apple every day and you will be healthier and live longer!

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