Angelica herb

A member of the carrot family, angelica has been used throughout Asia for medicinal purposes for a long time. Like other herbs that belong to carrot family, angelica or dong quai also has soothing action on the digestive tract.

It is believed that angelica has similar effects on the body as estrogen does. As a result, in Japan and China angelica has been used extensively in helping with the female reproductive system.

Angelica benefits

It is believed that angelica keeps the uterus healthy and regulates the menstrual cycle. It can also increase the blood flow to different organs and it can amplify (expand) blood vessels. Some of its properties are: it has immunostimulant effects, hormone modulation and uterine effects, it has cardiac protection, anticarcinogenic, gastroprotection and neuroprotection. Most medicinal properties come from angelica root are used:

  • To treat menstrual cramps, irregularity
  • To help in treating symptom in menopause such as hot flashes and sweats
  • Strengthen heart, lung and liver meridians
  • Treat amenorrhea
  • Treat constipation
  • Angelica oil is used for heartburn
  • It helps lubricate dry vaginal tissue
  • Sooth the nervous system

There has been a lot of discussion as to how angelica helps women. Some speculate that angelica is so healthy for women because it contains natural herbal estrogen or phytoestrogens effective in regenerating hormonal balance, thus preventing hot flash attacks in women by compensating for the decline in estrogen which usually happens after menopause. Others believe that by naturally being rich in coumarin, it is a reason for its effective healing properties (coumarin has ability to expand blood vessels and increases blood flow to the uterus and other organs, it also stimulates the central nervous system).

How to Use Angelica?

Angelica can be purchased in capsules, tablets, as a tea or tincture. It can also be found mixed with other herbs such as damiana. Here are some of many angelica (dong guai) products, with different strength (concentration) available to buy from Amazon.

Please note: it is not recommended to use angelica while pregnant, it can stimulate uterine contraction.

Did you know: to ward off evil, some say it is good to sprinkle the four corners of the house with angelica.