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Chia is a new favorite South American grain that doctors, nutritionists, and experts are talking about. Chia, meaning “strength” in Mayan, are whole grain nutrient-dense foods with an excellent source of energy. It has a delicious nutty taste, and it is good for your heart, digestion, bone mass, brain, endurance, gastrointestinal health, and weight loss.

A tiny Chia seed (Salvia Hispanica) has been harvested and used for centuries by the Aztecs and Mayans as a leading energy food and source of nutrition. The seeds which can be either black or white are rich in omega-3s (ALA fatty acid), calcium, healthy fats, (just like flax seeds).

Chia is also rich in protein, minerals, and fibre and it contains more calcium than milk and the same amount of omega-3s as wild salmon. It also contains antioxidants (similar power of antioxidants as in blueberries), phosphorous, and manganese.

Chia Benefits

Low in calories, this tiny grain has powerful health benefits, it is easily absorbed and digested. Here are some of the advantages when using chia seeds:

  • Increases stamina and energy levels
  • Good for sleeping (tryptophan found in chia seeds raises melatonin and serotonin levels which promote sound sleep)
  • Decreases blood sugar, excellent for diabetic people who need to control their blood sugar
  • Nourishes the brain
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Supports weight loss by promoting satiety
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease
  • It helps sooth digestion
  • It helps decrease inflammation
  • Perfect for athletes – help you prolong hydration and retain electrolytes
Chia Seeds - Chia Benefits
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Chia & Weight Loss

Delicious Chia seeds are an excellent appetite suppressant, ideal food for weight watchers, especially good for everyone who is about to get ready and lose some weight for summer. And this is why: this non-toxic, gluten free and non-allergenic grain is rich in fibre, meaning, chia seeds make you fuller. No wonder why this grain is such a favourite food supplement for all those who are in the process of losing weight. Their unique gelling action which has no calories, keeps you feeling full for hours.

Chia naturally helps you lose weight without feeling hungry. This natural food suppressing herb can be bought on Amazon: Chia Seeds 3 Pound (Chemical Free)

With its compelling benefits, Chia seeds are gaining more and more popularity. They are perfect when mixed into a smoothie, yogurt or cereal. Chia can be used as a thickening agent and as a substitute for white grains in your diet. For a super-rich fibre meal, mix chia seeds with water, let it stand for a few minutes, add some sweetener, such as agave and enjoy your fibre meal.