Gotu Kola Benefits

Gotu Kola herb similar in shape to the shape of human brain has been used as a medicine for centuries in India, China and Indonesia.

According to traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine it is believed that Gotu Kola has been greatly recommended for those who need to improve mental clarity (to those prone to forgetfulness) or as a treatment for dementia.

In addition, due to triterpenoids compound found in this herb, it is believed that wounds heal better, thus preventing scar formation especially after a surgery.

Keeping dementia down

According to Chinese legend, a Chinese herbalist lived around 200 years just by consuming this herb. That is why, the Gotu Kola is also known as “the fountain of life”.

Gotu kola benefits

  • Varicose veins and to improve circulation
  • Mental fatigue, memory, learning and weak concentration
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Wound healing and treatment of skin disorder (such as psoriasis and eczema)
  • Reduction of stretch marks
  • Helps with hangover symptoms such as headaches

Good to know

Gotu Kola is available as dried herbs, capsules, in teas, ointments, tablets and tinctures.
If used in excessive amounts for a longer period of time, it has been reported that gotu kola may affect the liver. In addition, people with a history of precancerous or cancerous skin lesions should not use gotu kola. When applying gota kola externally, some people experienced skin allergy and, or a burning sensations. If consumed too much, symptoms such as nausea, stomach upset or headaches may appear.

Please note!: Gotu Kola should not be given to children, breastfeeding mothers (pregnant or those trying to get pregnant) and to people taking sedatives.

Always consult with your doctor before using this or any other herb.