Cooking Herbs

Throughout the history dill, fennel coriander, basil and cinnamon herbs were most often used for both healing and cooking purposes were. These and many other herbs are still popular and used in different cultures and used by innovative and creative chefs around the world.

During the Middle Ages, clove, pepper and cinnamon were most valued by traders. While Ancient Greeks, saw dill as a sign of wealth, Romans chew fennel as an appetite suppressant and for a long time the Mediterraneans associated thyme with courage.

Spices and herbs played a major role in the history of both cooking and medicine. Today herbs are especially popular for cooking and are added at the end of cooking to enhance and maximize the flavor and the appearance of your favorite food.

There is a big world of flavor out there. As you brows through Herbs Natura herbs list, be adventurous and try some herbs, you may get yourself an interesting omelet or an outstanding dip for your veggies with popular Chinese herbs, or Ayurvedic herbs.