Is Coconut Water Really Good For You?

Coconut Water Benefits
Coconut Water

While some skeptics avoid using coconut water, others embrace this clear juice which is a product of young green coconuts believing it is the water of life.
Coconut is one of the Earth’s most perfect foods and a member of the palm tree family. It’s clear and sweet coconut water is believed to be a great drink for athletes or as a cooling drink on hot days.

Hawaiians call coconut water “Noelani,” meaning “dew from the heavens” for a good reason. Surrounded by volcanic mineral-rich soil, the best coconut water found from fresh coconuts is nutritionally rich and not only safe for humans but good for plants too.

Coconut water nutrition

Coconut water contains necessary enzymes and some of the nutrients your cells need to function. As a low-calorie drink, coconut water is almost fat-free, low in sugar, and was used in the past as an intravenous fluid (it is similar to human blood plasma). Five essential electrolytes found in coconut water are potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Coconut is also rich in other essential nutrients such as:

  • Electrolytes and natural salts
  • Full of amino acids and enzymes
  • Rich in B Vitamins and Antioxidants
  • Minerals, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Manganese
Fresh Coconut Water Benefits
Fresh Coconut Water

Coconut water benefits

Coconut water is an ideal drink for anyone who needs to replace electrolytes or needs to increase sodium and potassium (potassium regulates your heartbeat and muscle function) to keep their body hydrated.

Due to its rich nutritional value, coconut water is considered to contain incredible natural anti-aging, anticancer and cardioprotective properties and is excellent to be consumed by anyone. Other coconut water benefits are:

  • Increased exercise performance
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Enhances skin health, age spots, wrinkles, and has anti-aging properties
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Good for digestive system, used as a remedy for constipation, cleanses the kidney
  • Improves metabolism and aids in weight loss
  • Fresh coconut water is good to tone up the heart
  • Coconut water is highly beneficial in the treatment of diarrhoea (it replaces the fluid lost and binds the stools)
  • Coconut water acts as a diuretic

Where to buy coconut water

Ideally, coconut water should be consumed straight from the fresh green coconuts, found at local markets. A cup or two a day is a good amount to consume daily. Alternatively, coconut water can be found in health food shops or other markets. For larger quantities and better price, coconut water can be purchased online from Amazon at a very good price deal.

Be responsible for your health and purchase. Buy natural remedies from certified sellers and producers. Buy only those products where a sufficient amount of data/warnings/instructions and reliable information is available.

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