Coconut Benefits

Raw plant fats (in reasonable quantities) are an excellent remedy for good looking skin and a balanced healthy life. So if coconut got your attention and you are ready to replace unhealthy fats such as margarine and conventional vegetable oils with coconut oil, you will not only store less body fat but also increase your metabolism and improve your health.

However, a secret achieving the maximum coconut benefit is raw, organic, all-natural and cold-processed coconut oil. Move towards your natural health with all-natural coconut oil, water and milk.

  • Coconut oil is used for eczema. It helps the skin to stay soft.
  • Coconut fat normalizes body lipids.
  • It prevents loss of hair, it lengthens your hair.
  • Coconut oil may assist you to prevent developing liver spots caused by aging or excess exposure to the sun.
  • Raw coconut plant fat protects you from pollution.
  • A light massage with coconut oil at room temperature will nourish the skin.
  • It helps prevent fungal and bacterial infections of the skin.
  • Excellent for you face especially if dry and it does not clog pores.
  • Coconut water is an excellent remedy for gastritis and colitis (it is soothing to the soft mucosa of the colon).
  • Fresh coconut water is good to tone up the heart.
  • Coconut water is highly beneficial in the treatment of diarrhea (it replaces the fluid lost and binds the stools).
  • Coconut water acts as a diuretic.

Who else would like to have saturated fats: Your Kidneys! Kidneys need saturated fats especially myristic acid for protective cushioning and as a quick energy source.
Who else needs chlorine found in coconut: your hair and teeth! The deficiency of this mineral (chlorine) can cause loss of hair and teeth.
Prolonged youth perhaps: with regular usage of unrefined coconut oil, you are able to slow down the aging of your skin and bring back a youthful appearance. While the majority of commercial products contain refined vegetable oils which can cause a deficiency in vitamin E and permanent damage to your skin (due to free radicals), as it is unrefined, a raw coconut will repair, heal your skin making it look and feel smoother and healthier. It will also not clog pores.

Good to know: if you must fry something use only saturated fats such as coconut. Heated non-saturated vegetable oil is toxic to your body.
Did you know: Coconut is used in in protection rituals? A coconut can be halved, drained of its juice, filled with herbs and sealed shut, and then buried to protect your property.

Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance

Be responsible for your own health and purchases. Buy natural remedies from certified sellers and producers. Buy only those products where a sufficient amount of data/warnings/instructions and reliable information is available.

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