Natural Remedies

Bio-Clip Cuff

Protect Your Health Discover How to Easily Assess the Stiffness of Your arteries You might wonder what technology has to do with herbs? You are right, not much, or rather nothing at all. But, if something NEW appears on the market, yet Valuable to YOU and Your Health, Herbs Natura wants to be part of… Read More Bio-Clip Cuff

Healthy Herbs

Chinese herbs

Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to prevent or cure a disease. To this day a large percent of world’s population is still using traditional herbal medicine, especially Chinese herbs and their products. Shen Nong (3495 BC) is a legendary emperor who literary discovered herbal medicinal properties. Acknowledged and practiced for more… Read More Chinese herbs

Healthy Herbs

Cooking Herbs

Throughout the history dill, fennel coriander, basil and cinnamon herbs were most often used for both healing and cooking purposes were. These and many other herbs are still popular and used in different cultures and used by innovative and creative chefs around the world. During the Middle Ages, clove, pepper and cinnamon were most valued… Read More Cooking Herbs