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We welcome guest contributors and all those who would love to share valuable herbal news, facts or anything else others can benefit from.

Here are the guidelines for submitting a post:

The post must be relevant to herbs, healing and healthy herbs, plants or natural produces.
If you want to have a link back to your site at the end of the article, make sure the website link HAS SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH HERBS NATURA!

The post cannot be simply an advertisement. For those who are looking to advertise, please send us an email at info(at)

The post must have original, unique content. Articles previously published on other websites will not be accepted.

There are no requirements as to the subject matter as long as it is not political, religious, discriminating or offensive in any way.

Keep your post between 500-800 words max.

At the end of the post, we will include a short bio, so please include 2-4 sentences about yourself.
A post always has to have a hyperlink with an original source of reference when mentioning factual data, nutritional data, or health information.

To submit your post, send us an email as a Word document.

We reserve the right to reject posts for any reason.

~Herbs Natura Team