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Flowery Streets Around the World

7 Stunning Flowery Streets

Streets that combine the handiwork of man with that of nature are always the most beautiful, and the most fun to walk through. These flowery streets are a fine example...

Pueraria Mirifica Natural Phytoestrogen - Menopause

Pueraria Mirifica for Menopause

Pueraria mirifica is found at altitudes between 300 and 800 m in the forests of Chiengmai Province, in Thailand. Traditionally the extract of pueraria mirifica roots has been used in Thai folklore for its rejuvenating properties in elderly people due to its high estrogenic potency.

Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut oil finally caught people’s attention

Everything about coconut is good. Coconut fruit, the flesh, water, milk and coconut oil, can all be consumed: as food, medicine fuel, fiber and shelter. With regular use of unrefined coconut oil, you are able to slow down the aging process of your skin and and bring back a youthful appearance.